About Investing

Before you invest, it is important for you to fully understand our mission and our business objectives. Please read this section very carefully, we will always be open and transparent with our investors at every stage of our business growth.
  • On this website we have set out details about our mission to save lives and restore our freedom through our products and services, however on the commercial front we need to explain some important points for our investors:
  • Datatecnics Meditech Ltd is a UK registered private company, its sister company in the US is Datatecnics Meditech Inc. Full details can be found on the corporate link at the footer on this site.
  • Our product name is Virosense® which is the wholly owned IP (intellectual Property) of Datatecnics Meditech Ltd.
  • We plan to develop the company “Datatecnics Meditech” into a very successful global business, just like other successful brands; Pfizer, Astra Zenica, and IBM to name but a few.
  • We believe in small steps, big vision. Not only will Virosense® be an exciting product when ready, but we plan to make the journey of building the business just as exciting, we will do this by developing the product, the business and shareholder value all in parallel. This strategy will support shareholders’ investment growth as the business develops.
  • Our single vision is to build Datatecnics Meditech as a world class “Pandemic Preparedness” company. This is a big and powerful statement, but, one that we believe in passionately. We believe others will follow.

Our funding roadmap & Options


We are building Datatecnics Meditech as “the people’s company”, we are on a journey to ensure the world is better prepared for the next pandemic. we shall do this through innovation, smart products and services. We have therefore opened the doors for the general public to be part of this journey.

Therefore, we are making it easy for anyone to invest.


If you would like to purchase shares in Datatecnics Meditech Ltd, you can do this simply online.
(Important legal Disclaimer please read)

Share Price:

  • Shares are priced at £0.50p (British Pounds)
  • The company has 50 million shares of which only 5% is being sold at this price.
  • There is a minimum purchase of 500 shares = £250.00 (GBP) UK. The maximum you will be able to purchase online is 50,000 shares. If you wish to purchase more than this, please email our corporate finance team at Investors@virosense.life



Please note: Your shares will have a 2-year lock in period meaning you cannot sell them for at least 2 years, or until the company is listed on any exchange in the United Kingdom or United States. You will receive regular updates on the progress of the business and its financials.

  • For early-stage investors we will include a free Virosense® product, when ready.
  • We will contact you 2 months in advance.

PPM (Private Placement Memorandum):

This is only for institutional investors or high net worth investors. If you are a private investor or a high-net-worth investor and wish to come on board then please email us in the first instance, investors@Virosense.life, one of our executive directors will get back to you shortly.


Why Invest in Datatecnics Meditech:

We believe investing in our company offers the lowest investment risk, with highest returns potential over the long period when the company lists on the stock market.

Telemedicine, biotech and medical devices is where financial analysts are recommending their clients to invest, this is considered as a recession proof sector with high returns. Here is are some useful link of market analyses.

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