Join us on our journey today, and help us make a safer tomorrow.

We’re actively seeking investors who care about making a meaningful difference to the world.


Help us make ViroSense® become a reality.

Help us make ViroSense® become a reality.

We’re actively seeking investors who care about making a meaningful difference to the world.

If that sounds like you then we invite you to join us now on our mission.

Help us create a BRIGHTER TOMORROW with ViroSense® – our affordable breath analyser which will be able to detect SARS-CoV-2, and its variants.


Investing options – the big picture

If you would like to help enable us to take the steps we need to be able to create easily accessible, non-invasive digital testing, that you could use in your home, then we have an opportunity for you to be part of a company that is developing world-leading, ground-breaking, reusable and non-invasive digital testing that can be used in every home.

We know that this new technology is urgently needed and our new product, ViroSense® will be designed for everyone, using several world-leading intelligent microprocessors and biosensors with patented designs.

Why Invest with Us?

The potential for our new product ViroSense®is huge. Protecting lives from the “the invisible enemies”, SARS-CoV-2 and variants is essential, and we know that different strains of viruses may be with us for some time to come.

Having access to our new device ViroSense® which can easily detect viruses with a one-breath test is something which cannot be underestimated.

Cutting Edge Technology

The technology used behind our new product, has a competitive advantage over other developing products. We have partnerships with both NASA and Oxford University Hospitals meaning ViroSense® is being made with cutting-edge medical research and support from our defence and space technology partners.

NASA technologies

At the core of the ViroSense® device is smart ‘Lab on a chip’ processor powered by NASA technologies, designed for the NASA Mars mission. We are deeply grateful to NASA for their support.

NHS Oxford Partnership

We partner with Oxford University Hospitals who bring their outstanding medical expertise to the product.

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