A Lab on a Chip​

A Lab on a Chip​

Seconds. That’s all it takes. No lab, no doctor, simply breathe once into ViroSense®, and in moments you will have a clear diagnosis — and you don’t have to be a health expert to understand it.

ViroSense® contains ground-breaking, patent-protected biosensor technologies that enable the collection and analysis of multiple biological sample types including breath to identify existing and future viruses. Instead of collecting samples and shipping them to external specialist laboratories, ViroSense® is a Lab on a Chip device that integrates several laboratory functions on a single integrated circuit (commonly called a “chip”) of only a few millimeters. This fits within a portable and affordable handheld device to accurately detect multiple viruses and diseases.

ViroSense® is expected to initially augment then supersede mass testing methods for rapid and active diagnosis of lead viruses and variants in this and future pandemics.



We believe that ViroSense® will revolutionise medical testing. No longer will you have that stressful wait while samples are  analysed. Instead, our Lab on a Chip crunches the data while you watch. One breath, one instant result. This cutting-edge technology was originally developed to monitor the health of astronauts during long-duration space explorations such as to Mars. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Datatecnics Meditech founder and CEO Mohammed Zulfiquar realised this technology could be a game-changer in healthcare.

The device has been designed with simplicity, affordability and reliability in mind. A portable handheld device with embedded space, defence and military technologies, intended so those in need of urgent medical attention have results at their fingertips in seconds, complementing lab-based testing with remote diagnostics.

A simple-to-use user interface will allow patients to easily understand test results without the need for external health expertise. To benefit from global health analytics, ViroSense cyber-secure system seamlessly connects with Cloud Services making it easier for health professionals to connect, access and analyse live and localised data.

Smart testing in seconds

We are developing a smart, portable, multi-virus detection device to deliver Covid testing, on-demand and on the go, safely restoring people’s lives and freedoms.
How it works

ViroSense® works in a similar way to a breathalyser detecting alcohol in exhaled air but designed to detect viruses like the novel coronavirus (SARS CoV-2). The human breath contains a wealth of health information about what is happening inside our body. The Datatecnics Meditech biosensor microprocessor is a complete “Lab on a Chip”, specifically designed to detect and analyse these pieces of information, which are known as biomarkers.

A biomarker is like an unique key code or fingerprint that indicates the presence of a certain foreign entity or anomaly, such as the virus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.

A biosensor is a device that is used to detect these fingerprints in a sample, using living organisms or biological molecules like antibodies to detect the presence of certain chemicals, in this instance those of SARS-CoV-2.

We call it breath fingerprinting (or breath analysis), and it is a major breakthrough in medical innovation, setting new standards in health diagnostics. ViroSense® can read and analyse the specific virus with incredible accuracy, from a single breath and in moments.

Whilst Breath analysis is nothing new, what is unique and patent protected is how ViroSense® takes in breath samples and analyses the tests accurately and quickly without the need for external laboratories.

The ViroSense chip contains an array of sensors, which are multi-layered to give failsafe reliability and accuracy

Advances in nanotechnology and artificial intelligence have made our Lab on a Chip possible. Ultra sensitive carbon nanotubes can detect biohazards at very low levels. Certain biomarkers will react differently with the biosensors, generating electrical signals, which can be measured with outstanding accuracy. Powerful algorithms have been developed to determine the presence or exclusion of specific diseases based on the concentration levels of specific micro-particles. Millions of nanotubes can, because of their tiny size, fit on a single biosensor chip, augmenting the possibilities to detect multiple parameters.

The chip contains an array of sensors, which are multi-layered to give failsafe reliability and accuracy. The sensor array interfaces with a remote offsite, meaning that ViroSense® can conduct over 1 billion particulate signature analyses per second.

The information is seamlessly connected to cloud data for healthcare professionals to ensure the patient gets the best medical care based on real time body data.

In the future ViroSense® could be manipulated in many directions to detect multiple diseases. We remain focused on detecting virus and viral strains capable of causing pandemics.