Datatecnics Meditech Pandemic Preparedness Company

Datatecnics Meditech is the world’s first “Pandemic Preparedness Company”. Our aim is to help people by protecting lives from the “the invisible enemies”, SARS-CoV-2, and its variants.


In 2020 our lives changed forever. None of us will ever forget the silent streets, empty skies, shuttered shops, and darkened theatres of lockdown. We had no idea whether we were infected. We didn’t dare hug our loved ones. Our children missed months of school. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has infected over 102 million people across the globe, with the tragic loss of 2.2m million lives and counting (as of 1st February 2021). It has shut down economies, causing unimaginable hardship the world over, not to mention the psychological impact. And we were completely unprepared.

Without effective testing, the world risks its ability to prevent future flare-ups of COVID-19 and prevent other respiratory virus outbreaks becoming pandemics. Cost-effective, accurate, non-invasive, rapid, and low-waste point-of-care testing is crucial to control the spread of the viruses, reduce infection rates and save lives.


Creating a Safer Tomorrow

We all know that part of the solution against COVID-19 and viruses is testing, but for most of us COVID-19 tests are hard to get hold of and if you’ve had a COVID-19 test you know that it’s an unpleasant procedure with results often taking some time to come back while you wait anxiously.

Thanks to Datatecnics Meditech future pandemics will soon become more manageable. 
Our new product ViroSense®, which is being developed, is a world-leading ‘one-breath-test’ analyser to detect COVID-19 and future variants.

ViroSense® has been designed to detect multiple viruses in one single breath, on demand and on the go. No more uncomfortable swabs, no more stressful waits for results, no more uncertainty. It is aimed at helping you stay safe and quickly determine whether you are virus free.

With the knowledge that you are virus free, the weight will be lifted from your shoulders, you can go about your daily life and KNOW you are not infected. With ViroSense® devices on buses and trains, in schools and workplaces and airports, and digital certificates on our phones so we can prove we are virus free, it is our hope that people can live our lives as normal.

The Pandemic Preparedness Company​

Viral pandemics are globally disruptive events that cause significant chaos and we know that global economic slowdown, mental health, social unrest and overwhelmed healthcare systems are already causing severe negative impacts worldwide. According to the IMF, it is estimated that the COVID-19 pandemic will cost the world more than US$28 trillion in lost output over the next five years.

Datatecnics Meditech is the world’s first “Pandemic Preparedness Company”. We like to call it The Peoples’ Company as our aim is to help people by protecting lives from the “the invisible enemies”, SARS-CoV-2, and its variants. We can do this through vision, innovation, and using the best of technologies to develop simple to use medical diagnostic products that will help ensure we are not caught unprepared again.

What is a Pandemic Preparedness Company?

Just like a typical disaster recovery company dealing with natural, physical, or technological disasters, a pandemic preparedness company is focused on disaster recovery, but the main difference is that it is entirely focused on Pandemic Preparedness and is ready to respond to every type of pandemic.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) there will be more pandemics to come1, and some may be worse than the one we are currently experiencing. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO’S Health Emergencies Program stated in 2020 that COVID was a “wake-up call” and that the planet needed to “get ready for something that may be even more sever in the future”.

The question we all need to ask ourselves is simply “Are we prepared?”
At Datatecnics Meditech, as the world’s first pandemic preparedness company, we are developing complete end to end solutions to ensure just that; to help ensure that the world is better prepared for the next pandemic so that we can restore our freedom and live our lives as normal, or as normal as the “new norm” allows.

With ViroSense®, the world will be better prepared for future pandemics.
This is the beginning of our journey.