Our Team

We are building a team of some of the best technical, medical, and scientific minds, great people make great products and businesses.

A Bit About Our Team

At Datatecnics Meditech we know the importance of having a strong team and we’ve brought together an amazing group of people from around the globe to work on this project.

Our Mission

Is to connect the medical world with the digital world and our Datatecnics Meditech team are passionate about creating safe easy testing for everyone!


Mohammed Zulfiquar our CEO was personally affected by the pandemic, losing family and friends to this devastating disease. But rather than dwelling on the negative, he became determined to find some positives — to help turn the tide. His idea was to simplify the long process of COVID-19 testing by transferring the technology used by space agencies for inflight health monitoring to make it available to ordinary people all over the world.

His ultimate aim is to use a Lab on a Chip device to create a map of each individual human body. This will enable doctors to make informed decisions using real time health information. In doing so, we will help millions of people in early-stage health diagnostics.

Using his previous experience of nanotechnology, he has designed ViroSense® which is currently in development.

Cutting Edge Research & Technology

Our new product ViroSense® is being made possible with support from our defence/space technologies partners and Cutting-edge medical research.


NASA technologies

At the core of the ViroSense® device is smart ‘Lab on chip’ processor powered by NASA technologies, designed for the NASA Mars mission. We are deeply grateful to NASA for their support.


Oxford University Hospitals (OUH)

We’re delighted to be working in conjunction with Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) – a world renowned centre of clinical excellence. OUH is one of the largest NHS teaching trusts in the UK and well known for leading the way in working in partnership with patients and the local community. 


The Charlbury Medical Centre

We are pleased to announce our first partnership with Charlbury Medical Centre in West Oxford. Senior partner Dr Pippa Brookes-White is a key member of our team. Charlbury are helping with vital data gathering via their 5500 patients for trials.

Dr Pippa Brookes-White

Charlbury is a two partner ( Dr Pippa Brookes-White is the Senior Partner) rural practice with 4 salaried GP’s serving around 5,500 patients living in Charlbury and several surrounding villages in West Oxfordshire. They aspire to provide patients with outstanding service in all aspects of care, in a friendly atmosphere fully supported by their excellent nursing and clerical team. They also aspire to become a teaching practice for doctors in training from Oxford Universities and have been actively supporting Datatecnics Meditech with Virosense®.

Media & Marketing Expertise

The Midlands based business who are well known for bring effective solutions to web design, SEO Marketing, Graphic Design, Printing, and the evolving mobile world, are engaged to build the website.

KfMarketing UK Consultancy is based in Devon and specialises in marketing strategy, PR, social media, and marketing training. They have been brought onto the team to create our PR, Social Media, and marketing strategies, alongside copywriting and fundraising drives.

The media production company well known for their commercial, corporate, social, digital, and mobile media have been brought onboard to enhance our visual experiences including video and online collateral.