About Us

Our vision is to protect the world from future pandemics. We plan to empower the people with  affordable devices to provide virus detection on demand with results in seconds. We are developing life changing products and services for a safer and secure tomorrow for everyone.

Datatecnics Meditech

2020 changed many lives but the COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on the path of leading computer scientist Mohammed Zulfiquar. At the time he was CEO of Datatecnics Corporation, the world’s leading company in “intelligent pipeline technologies”, and with over 30 years’ experience Mohammed’s knowledge spanned multi-platform technologies from mainframe computers to nanotech.

After many years in industry, and seeing the impact of COVID-19, Mohammed decided to dedicate the rest of his life to help improve and save lives commenting that, “there has to be a purpose to one’s life, and there comes a point when you need to decide what you do with this acquired knowledge and experience. Knowledge not shared has no purpose.”

That was the starting point for Datatecnics Meditech.

Pandemic Preparedness Company

Datatecnics Meditech is the world’s first “Pandemic Preparedness Company”. We like to call it The Peoples’ Company as our aim is to help people by protecting lives from invisible VIRAL enemies like SARS-CoV-2, and its variants.  We can do this through vision, innovation, and using the best of technologies to develop simple to use medical diagnostic products that will help ensure we are not caught unprepared again.

What is a Pandemic Preparedness Company?

Just like a typical disaster recovery company dealing with natural, physical, or technological disasters, a pandemic preparedness company is focused on disaster recovery, but the main difference is that it’s entirely focused on Pandemic Preparedness and is ready to respond to every type of pandemic.

According to WHO (World Health Organisation) there will be more pandemics to come, and some may be worse than the one we are currently experiencing. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO’S Health Emergencies Program stated in 2020 that “COVID was a ‘wake-up call’ and that the planet needed to “get ready for something that may be even more severe in the future”.

At Datatecnics Meditech, as the World’s first pandemic preparedness company, we are developing complete end to end solutions to help ensure that the world is better prepared for the next pandemic so that we can claim our freedom and live our lives as normal, or as normal as the “new norm” allows.

Smart testing in seconds

Our mission is simple, Save Lives, Restore Freedom through technology innovation and creative thinking.

Whilst the global governments have been busy fighting fires and trying desperately to save lives by containing COVID-19, their actions as whole have been a reactive with short term focus forgetting the long-term priority.

At Datatecnics Meditech we have been focusing on the medium to long-term strategy;

Developing Technologies Today for A Better A Safer Tomorrow.

The first step in our Mission is to build the world’s first Smart Virus Analyser. Our new product, ViroSense® will be an affordable breath analyser which can detect SARS-CoV-2, and future variants and is designed for everyone. It uses several intelligent microprocessors and biosensors with patented designs. It has been made possible by support from our defence and space technologies partners.

ViroSense® is a smart portable device designed for testing on demand.  A simple one-breath test will tell you whether you are infected or not. If you are, then self-isolate, if not then you are virus free to enjoy life as normal, subject to Government guidelines. It’s really that simple.

Our vision is to restore our freedom through technology innovation.

Datatecnics Meditech is creating new industry standards for non-invasive virus testing on demand. Our vision is to create a seamless integration between the person taking a test and the NHS Digital transformation system – where the medical world connects with the digital world. And we hope it’s going to be a gamechanger.

Our aim is to be a world-leading company that creates innovative, smart, affordable, and accurate disease detection products through the use of cutting-edge scientific processes and technologies.

nanotechnology company

Visionary CEO

Datatecnics Meditech has been set up by Mohammed Zulfiquar, CEO of Datatecnics Corporation, a British nanotechnology company behind the creation of several ground-breaking technologies in the energy, environment, infrastructure and meditech digital sector.

2020 and COVID-19 were a turning point that changed his path for ever, he commented, “There has to be a purpose to one’s life, and there comes a point when you need to decide what you do with this acquired knowledge and experience. Knowledge not shared has no purpose”. “Our invisible enemy, COVID is here to stay therefore we will need to adapt our lives to the new norm. We can do this by developing smart products and services through the best use of technologies with some creative thinking and innovation”.

Having been personally affected by the pandemic, losing family and friends to this devastating disease, he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to help improve and save lives. Rather than dwelling on the negative, he became determined to find some positives — to help turn the tide. His idea was to simplify the long process of COVID-19 testing by transferring the technology used by space agencies for inflight health monitoring to make it available to ordinary people all over the world.

His ultimate aim is to use a Lab on a Chip device to create a map of each individual human body. This will enable doctors to make informed decisions using real time health information. In doing so, we will help millions of people in early-stage health diagnostics.

Using his previous experience of nanotechnology, he has designed ViroSense® which is currently in development.

Dr Pippa Brookes-White

We are pleased to announce our first partnership with Charlbury Medical Centre in West Oxford.

Charlbury is a two partner (Dr Pippa Brookes-White is the Senior Partner) rural practice with 4 salaried GP’s serving around 5,500 patients living in Charlbury and several surrounding villages in West Oxfordshire.

They aspire to provide patients with outstanding service in all aspects of care, in a friendly atmosphere fully supported by their excellent nursing and clerical team. They also aspire to become a teaching practice for doctors in training from Oxford Universities and have been actively supporting Datatecnics Meditech with Virosense®.